I thought that…

I thought that…


Encounter with Simonetta Agnello Hornby and Filomena Campus


When & where

Friday 19 July, 6.00 pm
Stresa, Regina Palace Hotel

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€ 10 no sector / seats not numbered




Simonetta Agnello Hornby and Filomena Campus feel it their duty to talk about domestic violence and share the knowledge Simonetta has gained with her clients in 30 years as a lawyer.  This evening their two voices will tell the stories of Simonetta’s clients and others. Their dialogue will be accompanied by a thoughtful musical comment by Filomena, a jazz vocalist and theatre producer. There is a widespread tendency to see violence to women as something that does not really involve each of us – it is remote, more frequent among simpler people, and often linked to jealousy and sex.  Some insist women are ‘just asking for it’ – they are careless, drugged, ingenuous, unable to assess whether their companion’s apparent kindness masks a violent nature;  they are willing to believe that a mother’s violence has no impact on her children; that people will never change.
Unfortunately, domestic violence involves us all, whatever our age, social level, ethnic origin, religious belief, or sexual orientation. It leaves its mark not only on the victims’ skin but on their mind as well.



Regina Palace Hotel

Overlooking the shores of Lake Maggiore, in the centre of Stresa and directly facing the Borromean Islands, the Regina Palace Hotel represents a fine example of prestige both in the hotel world and historically speaking. The four-star Regina Palace hotel that opened in 1908, still preserves its fin de siècle fascination, even though it has a renewed appearance as a result of a meticulous, albeit conservative refurbishment programme. The unique combination of charm and modernity will render a stay in one of the 214 rooms or suites – all furnished with period pieces and equipped with every facility – totally unforgettable. 


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