Isola in Festival, Soundtracks

Isola in Festival, Soundtracks


Roberto Olzer, piano
Yuri Goloubev, double bass
Mauro Beggio, drums
feat. Rudy Migliardi, trombone

with Sofia Casprini, Matteo Sacco. Fabrizio Calanna, Lara Viscuso, Francesco Pacelli, Lara Guidetti, Giuseppe Morello
choreography by Lara Guidetti
Se una notte d’estate un viaggiatore
a Sanpapié production on commission by Stresa Festival



A night of lights, music and dance on the island.

Music, dancing and videos will be the focus of a marvelous evening  on the enchanting  Isola Bella.  The boat leaves from the Pier at Stresa at 7.30 p.m. The theme will be film sound tracks, played live by a jazz quartet or on recordings.   Dancers from the Sanpapié company will interpret choreographiy inspired by Nino Rota and Ennio Morricone.  A drink will be served to welcome all comers.


When & where

Saturday 14 July, from 7.30 pm*
Stresa, Isola Bella

*Boat departures from Stresa Pier every half hour from 7.30 pm.
Return boats from 10.00 pm. to 11.00 pm. Return fare included in the price

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€ 10




Isola Bella, Stresa

Isola Bella is a place of splendor thanks to the recurrent blooming and the priceless architectural treasures that blends into a wonderful microcosm. Since when it was transformed from barren rock to a blooming garden, the island appears as a galleon floating on the blue waters of the Lago Maggiore as his founder, Vitaliano VI Borromeo, meant for her. Visiting this place allows you to live a normal day of a long-gone era. Here, the baroque boldly blends with the green architectures of the garden, creating a sight for sore eyes.


Isola in Festival

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