La Regina con i Capelli d’Oro

La Regina con i Capelli d’Oro

When & where

Tuesday 25 August, 8.00 p.m.
Stresa, Sala Baccarat – Regina Palace Hotel

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B.R. Earl, La Regina con i Capelli d’Oro
world première


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One Sector € 20

Tickets are refundable, within 5 days, only if the concert is cancelled


Baccarat-pSala Baccarat

The brand new and comfortable Sala Baccarat of the Regina Palace Hotel is very near to Stresa Congress Hall and to the promenade.

The Queen with Golden Hair is the fruit of a collaboration between the composer Brian Richard Earl, the stage director and author of the libretto Lorenza Cantini, and the former first trombone player of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Daniele Morandini. The story is based on an ancient Hebrew Fable, which, using of subtle thread of irony, mixes ancient wisdom and hermetic alchemical symbols with a world of fairytales. The music is built partly on modernized Hebrew folk models, partly following the oath opened by Stravinsky, for example in the orchestra of only eight musicians.
The Story. A father on his deathbed asks Iochanan, his son, to swear that the day after the old man’s death he will buy the first object he is offered at the market place. Consequently Iochanan buys an ornamental box containing a magic and insatiably hungry scorpion, whose appetite bankrupts him. When he has no more money Iochanan frees the scorpion and to thank him the animal realizes Iochanan’s greatest desire; to be able to speak all the world’s languages. This talent brings him to the notice of the cruel and ambitious King, who wishes to marry a foreign Princess, a strand of whose golden hair has been brought to him by a magic bird. It is commanded that Iochanan will have to find her for the King. After a long search and with the help of the animals of the forest he finds the Princess, who accepts to return with him, but only after Iochanan procures two flacons of magic water for her, one from Hell and one from the Garden of Eden. When they arrive home the King’s envious Courtiers kill Iochanan but he is brought back to life by the Princess, now the Queen, using the water he procured for her from the Garden of Eden. Stupefied by these miraculous events, the King convinces his Nobles to wage war against all the surrounding states, sure in the knowledge that if he were to be killed in battle his wife could resuscitate him…’
The cast is a follows: Iochanan, the King, the Nobles and the Magic Animals are interpreted by a Tenor. The Princess and Iochanan’s wife are sung by a mezzo-soprano. A spoken voice conducts and comments the work.


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