Steve Coleman and Five Elements

Steve Coleman and Five Elements


Steve Coleman and Five Elements

Steve Coleman, alto sax
Jonathan Finlayson, trumpet
Kokayi, voice
Anthony Tidd, bass
Sean Rickman, drums

When & where

Friday 20 July, 9.00 pm
Stresa, Lakeside La Palazzola*

*In case of bad weather the concert will be held at the Regina Palace Hotel                                        

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Steve Coleman’s music lies beyond the usual style categories,  as his language creates an original, personal fabric in which the music interweaves and blends into an arresting tapestry.  This American sax player draws his inspiration from numerous sources. Alongside the great Afro-American music masters he slots in excerpts from J.S.Bach or Bela Bartok.
Backed by the outstanding personalities of the other four musicians in the group, Steve Coleman is a beacon against which to measure the creativity of contemporary music.


€ 20 no sector / seats not numbered

Under 26:
Music P@ss € 10
Company P@ss € 5 (4 friends or more)





This concert is part of the subscription Jazz Oggi (3 concerts): € 45




Promenade La Palazzola - Stresa

The Promenade La Palazzola is situated at the end of the new promenade in Stresa, facing Isola Bella and its beautiful gardens, and few meters from Carciano pier and from the departure of the cablecar for the Mottarone.


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