Vivaldi unpublished

Vivaldi unpublished


Modo Antiquo
Federico Guglielmo, leading violin
Roberto Loreggian, organ
Stefano Bruni, Paolo Cantamessa, Alessia Pazzagli, Laura Scipioni, Raffaele Tiseo, violins
Alessandro Lanaro, viola
Bettina Hoffmann, cello
Nicola Domeniconi, double bass
Gianluca Geremia, theorbo
Federico Maria Sardelli, conductor



When & where

Saturday 24 August, 8.30 pm*
Isola Madre, Loggia del Cashmere

*Partenza battello alle ore 20 dall’imbarcadero di Stresa



Concerto RV 818 for violin, strings with basso continuo, in D major (world première)
Concerto RV 129 Madrigalesco, for strings and basso continuo
Concerto RV 212 in D major. Per la Solennità della S. Lingua di S. Antonio in Padova, for violin, strings and basso continuo
Concerto RV 808 for violin, organ and strings
(world première)
Symphony RV 169 in B min. Al Santo Sepolcro, for strings and basso continuo
Concerto RV 286 in F major. Per la Solennità di S. Lorenzo, for violin, strings and basso continuo
Concerto RV 775 in F major, for violin, organ, strings and basso continuo
(world première)

Antonio Vivaldi is the star of this evening’s program, dedicated to his rare sacred pieces. Listening to these one realises the extent of his creativity in adapting this very special language for different groups of instruments. Modo Antiquo with its conductor Federico Maria Sardelli – widely acknowledged for his studies of Vivaldi’s corpus – offer a program of three rarely published concertos (RV 775, RV 808 and RV 818) together with some better known pieces such as the famous Concerto per archi e basso continuo RV 169 “Al Santo Sepolcro”. The group plays original instruments, and tonight they will be joined by the violinist Federico Guglielmo, a specialist in early music.

This concert is part of the thematic area Between sacred and profane.



€ 50 / € 35

Under 26:
Music P@ss € 10
Company P@ss € 5 (per gruppi di 4 o più amici)


Il prezzo del biglietto è comprensivo del tragitto andata e ritorno in battello speciale. Partenza del battello alle ore 20.00 dall’Imbarcadero di Stresa.


During the day, participants in the concert may visit the Garden on Isola Madre with a discounted ticket: € 7,00 instead of € 13,50.
Additionally, during the day participants in the concert may visit the gardens on Isola Madre + Borromeo Palace with a discounted ticket: € 10,50 instead of € 24,00.
Latest admission 5.30 pm.
The discount is given exclusively at the Borromeo’s box office against concert ticket or purchasing the two tickets together.
In collaboration with Amministrazione Borromeo


Loggia del Cashmere - Isola Madre

The Loggia del Cashmere on Isola Madre is the original venue for an en plein air concert. It is situated in front of a wonderful garden overlooked by a huge Cashmere cyprus.

The island is reached for the concert thanks to a boat organized on the occasion by the Festival, leaving Stresa main pier at 8.00 p.m..

From the Isola Madre pier you can only reach the Loggia del Cashmere by a short walk and by four flights of stairs.

Loggia del Cashmere map


Isola Madre, Loggia del Cashmere

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