Banda Osiris

Banda Osiris was founded in 1980 in Vercelli. It is considered ‘the top’ in Italian theatrical musical comedy and the players are Sandro Berti, Gianluigi Carlone, Roberto Carlone, and Giancarlo Macrì. Their highly original approach to blending music, theater and comedy meets immediate success. A mix of energy, whirlwind rhythm and continuous surprises marks the group’s style, with music as its groundstone, holding all the drama together. They mix music of all sorts, with irony and an ample dose of disrespect! Music here is suggestion – sound and imagery.  It’s fun – to play or to listen.

In collaboration with Lesa Cup.


Banda Osiris


Saturday 27 August 2022
6:00 pm

Lesa, Sporting Lesa
Via A. Rosmini, 28040 Lesa (NO)
Secondary entrance from Via Davicini


Free admission subject to availability.
Info: info@stresafestival.eu

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