Gianluigi Trovesi, Gianni Coscia


Gianluigi Trovesi, Gianni Coscia

The mysterious music of Queen Loana

This work was inspired by Gianni Coscia’s solitary concert adventure, dedicated to the well-known author Umberto Eco, a close friend of the accordian player from Alexandria. It is doubly linked to Eco’s book La misteriosa fiamma della Regina Loana [The mysterious flame of Queen Loana] which Coscia turned into La misteriosa fisarmonica della regina Loana [The mysterious accordion of Queen Loana].  This tribute is presented here as a splendid special occasion – not to be missed – and serves as a veiled subtitle to the musical excellence of two exceptional artists of our day. They tell their tales of Lombardy in words as well as music, with marvellous puns and theatrical irony – evoking unique emotions.
Umberto Eco considered Trovesi and Coscia simply ‘Devils in music’, which probably perfectly summarizes these two rare gentlemen. Paolo Fresu wrote that the duo Trovesi and Coscia was worth a whole symphonic orchestra, with all the colors of the music. This orchestra navigates the seas of the world in early last-century boats, picking up the perfumes and humors of the world as they go.

At the end of the concert, the Le Piane di Boca (NO) winery will offer the public a taste of its wine.


Gianluigi Trovesi, clarinet
Gianni Coscia, harmonium


Thursday 28 July
6:00 pm

Mergozzo, Montorfan

You can get there on foot – it’s a beautiful walk – or take a bicycle (electric if you want…).

Electric bìcycles will be available for hire at the Stresa Bike Rental office


€ 25

Under 26: € 10, € 5


Electric bìcycles will be available for hire at the Stresa Bike Rental office: present the concert ticket to obtain a discount on the hire price.

Guided group tour organized in collaboration with Stresa Bike Rental!
A guide will accompany you, on a bicycle, to discover some of the beauties of the area, ending the day with music at Montorfano and the Motta del Santo.
| Attenzione! You can take part on your own bike, or hire one.

Meet & greet: Gianluigi Trovesi e Gianni Coscia!

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