Giuseppe Gibboni, Carlotta Dalia


Giuseppe Gibboni

Carlotta Dalia

N. Paganini, Sonata Concertata (duo); Capricci di Paganini V, XXIV, I (violin solo)
N. Paganini / F. Tárrega, Variazioni sul carnevale di Venezia (guitar solo)
M. De Falla, Danze Spagnole (duo)
B. Bartók, Danze rumene (duo)

Salvatore Accardo maintains that Giuseppe Gibboni is one of the most outstanding talents he has ever met. His intonation is perfect, his sound fascinating, and his musicality sincere. Accardo was convinced he would earn all the success he deserved.
At the age of 21 Giuseppe Gibboni is already well known in Italy, and is a rapidly rising star on the international violin horizon. In 2021 he won the 56th Paganini Prize in Genoa, with a special award for the best execution of Paganini’s violin concerto, a special prize for the greatest appreciation by the public, and a special award for the best interpretation of Paganini’s Capricci. In duo with Carlotta Dalia, a young guitar player who has already won more than 40 national and international prizes, they will perform works by Paganini – obviously including his 3 Capricci per violino solo – and by De Falla and Bartok.


Giuseppe Gibboni, violin
Carlotta Dalia, guitar


Thursday 25 August 2022
8:30 pm

Isola Bella
La Catapulta Acoustic stage
Ferry leaves Stresa pier at 8:00 pm
Piazza Marconi – Stresa (VB)


€ 35
Under 26: free entry

Collect a special souvenir: meet Giuseppe Gibboni!

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