I Solisti Aquilani, Daniele Orlando, Capone & BungtBangt

I Solisti Aquilani

Daniele Orlando

Capone & BungtBangt

Venezia 1700 – Napoli 2000
A. VIVALDI, Le Quattro stagioni

The first four concertos in Antonio Vivaldi’s composition Il Cimento dell’Armonia e dell’Inventione op. 8 are better known as the Four Seasons, and their fame has earned them a place among the most often heard classical music pieces of all times!
They are usually presented as a dialogue between the solo violin and a string group with basso continuo.
This is the classical program concerto, where the music itself forms the descriptive part, illustratingthe sonnets accompanying the three movements of each concerto. For this evening’s concert the Festival proposes a double performance of the Four Seasons, comparing Vivaldi’s edition of 1725, played by I Solisti Aquilani with their first violin Daniele Orlando, and the version of the Capone & BungtBangt, described as a “band born of the noble idea of creative rcycling, accompanied by a visceral love for music and nature”. They make their own instruments out of recycled material.
This makes for a very lively dialogue between Venice in the 1700s and Naples in the 21st century!

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I Solisti Aquilani
Daniele Orlando, conductor
Capone & BungtBangt


Saturday 28 August 2021, 9.00 pm
Verbania, Il Maggiore


€ 30

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Collect a special souvenir: meet and great the I Solisti Aquilani!

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