M° Mario Brunello talks about “his” first Stresa Festival!

<<Like a wood, the Festival breathes in then breathes out clean air.
Like a wood, the Festival grows, changing from one year to the next.
Like a wood, the Festival invites you to discover its riches – old and new.
Trees are the symbol of the 60th Stresa Festival. Trees in the woods and gardens bring life and beauty – the silent stars of the magnificent landscapes of Stresa and Lake Maggiore.
For this year’s Festival, born in the unpredictable times we are living, we shall ask our artistes not only to give us music, but also to spend a little time mixing with the public of Stresa, to discover the region, its art and Nature. Strolling around, chatting informally – time to slow down, when we can enjoy the emotions of the music once more through the eyes and words of the artistes.

This is the year when the whole world celebrates several historic anniversaries. Top of the list Dante, then come Stravinsky, Piazzolla, Saint-Saëns. Two young musicians will launch the Festival in August…>>.
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The full program will be available soon together with the opening of the ticket office.
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