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<<Artists on stage move in a world of their own through the magic of music, but they live in the same world as all of us, enjoying the same beauties of Nature, visiting the same places, and often sharing our same passions.
We have asked our guest artistes at the Stresa Festival to slow down and stop a moment, to give themselves a few hours to appreciate the splendors of Stresa and Lake Maggiore. We have also asked them to spend a few hours with our public – just a few dozen appointments, booked in advance.

These unusual appointments have been assembled like an Album, to be added to the musical experience of the Festival. You will have a chance to stroll in stunningly beautiful gardens, take a boat trip on the Lake, join in a chat on a terrace, or climb a mountain at dawn with the stars of the Festival, to listen to stories and anecdotes, their experiences, and quite possibly a few bars of improvisation!
But that’s not all – passions, like great cuisine, Ferrari, or architecture can take the shape of surprising musical experiences such as a rehearsal together for amateur musicians, or listening to an old vinyl record played on a spectacular hi-fi installation.

Our great artistes will step down from the stage at the Stresa Festival to give you a page to put in your album – music, art and the beauties of Nature around us>>.

Mario Brunello

Album of Stresa Festival 2023:

● Sun 16-07 | 10:30 am
Sky Bar dell’Hotel La Palma – Stresa
Meet Nicola Piovani 

● Wed 26-07 | 11:00 am
Campino, La Rampolina
Meet Billi Brass Quintet

● Sat 29-07 | after concert
Lov di Stresa
Meet Teho Teardo

● Wed 23-08 and Thu 24-08 | before concert
Eremo di Santa Caterina del Sasso – Leggiuno
Meet Mario Brunello

● Sun 27-08 | 10:30 am
Giardino Botanico Alpinia – Stresa
Meet Alëna Baeva

● Mon 28-08 | 6:30 am
Sass Dal Pizz
Meet Lucienne Renaudin Vary e Félicien Brut

● Wed 30-08 | 10:00 am
Meet Sergey Malov
Bike ride

● Thu 31-08 | 10:30 am
Chiesa di Sant’Ambrogio in Stresa
Meet Trio Metamorphosi
Minus one e musicisti amatoriali 

● Thu 31-08 | 3:30 pm
Chiesa di San Vittore– Isola dei Pescatori
Meet Barbican Quartet
Minus one e musicisti amatoriali

● Wed 06-09 | 11:00 am
Villa Taranto di Verbania
Meet Angela Hewitt

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