Under 26

Are you under 26 and passionate about music?
Would you like to attend your favorite concerts? You are in the right place!

There are tickets at a special price for you:
Music P@ss: € 10 per person (subject to availability)
Company P@ss: € 5 per person for groups of at least 4 friends.

Buying the Under26 ticket is very simple: send a copy of your identity card to boxoffice@stresafestival.eu specifying for which concert you want to buy the ticket: you will be sent the discount code to buy your Music P@ss directly from the site.

ATTENTION! Always carry your discount card or identity card with you: you will be asked at the entrance to the concerts.

Free tickets thanks to the Festival and the Fondazione Comunitaria VCO!

Thanks to the I Giovani alla Catapulta project supported by the Fondazione Comunitaria del VCO, free admission on these days: 19/07, 21/07 e 30/08.

ATTENTION! Free tickets for Under 26 must be exclusively requested at the box office and cannot be purchased online!

Associazione Settimane Musicali di Stresa
Festival Internazionale
Via Carducci, 38
28838 Stresa (VB)
ph. +39 0323 31095
fax +39 0323 33006
C.F. e P.IVA 00229020037
Email: info@stresafestival.eu
Pec: settimanemusicali@cgn.legalmail.it

Box Office: find out the opening hours!

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