Angela Hewitt

Angela Hewitt

J.S. Bach, Preludi e Fughe dal Libro I del Clavicembalo Ben Temperato
1. Preludio e fuga in do maggiore – BWV 846
2. Preludio e fuga in do minore – BWV 847
3. Preludio e fuga in do diesis maggiore – BWV 848
4. Preludio e fuga in do diesis minore – BWV 849
5. Preludio e fuga in re maggiore – BWV 850
6. Preludio e fuga in re minore – BWV 851
7. Preludio e fuga in mi bemolle maggiore – BWV 852
8. Preludio e fuga in re diesis minore – BWV 853
9. Preludio e fuga in mi maggiore – BWV 854
10. Preludio e fuga in mi minore – BWV 855
11. Preludio e fuga in fa maggiore – BWV 856
12. Preludio e fuga in fa minore – BWV 857

R. Schumann, Sonata n. 1 in fa diesis min. per pianoforte op. 11

Angela Hewitt is one of the most important pianists on the world scene today. She plays in recitals and as a soloist with major orchestras throughout Europe, in the Americas, Australia and Asia. Her interpretations of Johann Sebastian Bach’s music have gained her recognition as one of the German composer’s greatest interpreters, and this evening she will play extracts from the first book of the Well-tempered Clavier.
Born in Canada in una family of musicians, Angela Hewitt started studying the piano at the age of three. Since then she has accumulated numerous prizes at piano competitions in Europe, Canada and the United States. Her real triumph was in the Toronto International Bach Piano Competition in 1985, in memory of Glenn Gould, which launched her international career. In 2005 she set up the Trasimeno Music Festival in Umbria, and is its Artistic Director. This annual event draws an international audience to stunning sites on the banks of Lake Trasimeno.
Besides Bach this evening’s program includes Schumann’s Sonata no. 1 op. 11, dedicated to “signorina Clara Wieck”. It was composed after lengthy elaboration when the composer was 26, and amply illustrates his talent, which is measured here in an original way, in sonata form.

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Angela Hewitt, piano


Tuesday 5 settembre 2023
8:00 pm

Stresa Festival Hall
Piazzale Europa – Stresa (VB)


€ 40 parterre / € 25 balcony
Under 26: € 10, € 5


Season ticket Stresa Festival Hall
(6 concerts): € 180

Collect a souvenir: meet Angela Hewitt!


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