Matteo Mancuso

Matteo Mancuso

In a short time Matteo Mancuso’s name has travelled the world. His unique guitar technique is strikingly clean and precise, and easily shifts through different types of music. Born in 1996, Mancuso studied classical guitar and flute in Palermo. He was an infant prodigy on the guitar, and performed from an early age with the main Sicilian musicians. His wide range spans the classical and the electric guitar, for which he has developed a personal technique with his fingers that has enabled him to develop a highly original musical language.
Mancuso has received wide praise and enjoyed the esteem of – among others – Dweezil Zappa, Joe Bonamassa and Stef Burns. Al Di Meola said he considered him “An absolute talent. Someone like me would need two or three lives to learn to improvise on the guitar as well as he does.” Steve Vai noted that the evolution of the guitar was in safe hands with musicians like him, who offer a new level for the tone, for the precision of his touch, and his choice of notes.
In 2020 Matteo Mancuso established a new trio with Stefano India on the bass, and Giuseppe Bruno on the percussion, giving room for his own compositions of original pieces.

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Matteo Mancuso, guitar
Stefano India, bass
Giuseppe Bruno, drums


Wednesday 19 July 2023
9:00 pm

Acoustic stage La Catapulta on the lakefront La Palazzola in Stresa

via Gilberto Borromeo – Stresa (VB)

Attention: road closed to traffic.


€ 25 settore unico
Under 26: ingresso gratuito


Under 26: free admission thanks to the I Giovani alla Catapulta project supported by the Fondazione Comunitaria VCO.

ATTENTION! Free tickets for Under 26 must be exclusively requested at the box office and cannot be purchased online!

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