Omaggio al mondo della musica di Ezio Bosso

A. PÄRT, Fratres
J. CAGE, Melodia 1 da Six Melodies per violino e tastiera
J.S. BACH, Invenzione a due voci n. 13 BWV 784
J. CAGE, Melodia 3 da Six Melodies per violino e tastiera
J.S. BACH, Corale BWV 617 “Herr Gott, nun schleuss den Himmel auf”
J. CAGE, Melodia 4 da Six Melodies per violino e tastiera
J.S. BACH, Corale BWV 641 “Wenn wir in hochsten noten sein”
O. MESSIAEN, Lode all’immortalità di Gesù da Quatuor pour la Fin du Temps
E. BOSSO, “The Roots” Sonata n. 1

This evening we shall hear the cellist Mario Brunello and the choreographer Virgilio Sieni for the first time in an evening dedicated to the music of Ezio Bosso, a friend who died all too soon.  “…Ezio was a friend who left a lasting mark. It was music that started our friendship, but it was also what ended it. At a certain point the music went mad, as it were, using a language neither of us understood; it dressed up in gold and jewels and started to enchant – to sing like the sirens, playing crazily over everything and everyone. Inevitably the weaker exterior face took over – like you’d expect. We argued, divided up, and each went his own way.
Ten years passed and the sonata “Roots”, that Ezio wrote in 2014, took my memory back. I think that was when I decided to try and make it sound like it really was, or at least as I felt it was, with roots in Bach, Cage, Messiaen, Pärt. “Ezio’s music is pure, honest, with only a few notes, but with an underlying expressive potential, an uncontainable explosive load, that even a simple flower with only a few petals can have.” (Mario Brunello).
“Dance, the music that strengthened the bond between Mario and Ezio, restored the sense of love, strong enough to make you think of the body as light. Then the dancing takes over as an extreme gesture, a feeling of love that makes you feel alive. The dances – duets, quartets, solo pieces – convey the tactile quality of a space imagined as a spiral, a vortex that builds up every time from the details of movement, joining up with everything – and vice versa!
The animal nature of a sensitive body attracts light, or perhaps it absorbs certain flashes that one perceives as spreading out through time, depositing themselves in the layers of gesture, forming vortiginous clusters of energy, with silence, with breaths, and with music.” (Virgilio Sieni)


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Virgilio Sieni, choreographer

Mario Brunello, cello and small cello

Maria Semeraro, piano

Compagnia Virgilio Sieni: Jari Boldrini, Maurizio Giunti, Andrea Palumbo, Valentina Squarzoni, Linda Vinattieri


Saturday 24 August 2024
8.00 pm

Stresa Festival Hall
Piazzale Europa – Stresa (VB)


€45 parterre | €30 balcony

Momento diVino


ph. Umberto Visintini
ph. Giulio Favotto
ph. Simone Cecchetti
ph. Lorenzo Di Nozzi
ph. GIanni Rizzotti
ph. Gian Maria Musarra
ph. Massimo Branca

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