A cello, a violin and ‘groove’

The subject of transformation, a loop running through various projects in this year’s Festival, is strikingly evident when one mentions BartolomeyBittmann. While each respecting the sound of his own instrument – cello and violin, deeply rooted in classical tradition – combined with a shared passion for creating new sound effects, Mattias and Klemens, both acknowledged classical music soloists, teamed up and draw on their outstanding talents for improvisation. They pull out of the music all its original ‘popular’ components, transforming it through their youthful eyes who live today’s music.

Their output is built on spontaneity and jazz improvisation, strong rhythm and rock elements, intimate dances, mobile compositions – and more – and it was almost logical for the two musicians to call their project progressive.strings – zehn.

Their mood blends well with the traditional but also innovative features of the logistics hall of Herno, main sponsor of Stresa Festival, where these two outstanding musicians will perform exclusively for the Festival.

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