The ‘diamonds’ for the grand finale.

The closing concert of Stresa Festival 2024 with some of music’s most precious ‘diamonds’: Isabelle Faust, Kristian Bezuidenhout and the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra.

The grand finale on 6 September features other ‘diamonds’ of music: Isabelle Faust, Kristian Bezuidenhout and the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra.

Isabelle Faust has been one of the stars illuminating the violin world for many years. She captivates audiences with her captivating interpretations, approaches each piece with the utmost respect and sensitivity for the historical musical context and historically appropriate instruments, and tries to combine the greatest possible authenticity with a contemporary perspective. She thus succeeds in bringing to light and passionately performing the repertoire of a wide variety of composers.
Isabelle Faust’s broad artistic curiosity encompasses all eras and all forms of instrumental collaboration. She never regards music as an end in itself, but rather pursues the essence of the piece in a devoted, subtle and conscientious manner.
The last evening of the Festival also sees the piano journey begun in July come to an end: here we find the ancestor, the fortepiano, played for the occasion by Kristian Bezuidenhout. Kristian is one of today’s most important and exciting keyboard artists, equally at home on the fortepiano, harpsichord and modern piano.
The Freiburg Baroque Orchestra is dedicated to performance practice on historically informed instruments and conducts an intensive international concert activity.

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