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“An incredible talent, a marvelous voice, grace, culture and an exceptional pen…” was how Carmen Consoli praised Anna Castiglia, a singer and songwriter from Ctania, born in 1998. Her music is rooted in the culture of Sicily, where she took her first steps. She was still very young when she moved to Turin with her guitar, and “discovered the stage and nostalgia, winning competitions, opening concerts, writing curricula and e-mails, songs and monologues, studied dance, recitation, got bored, protested, and fled.”
In September 2033 Anna was one of the competitors in X-Factor and conquered the audiences and the judges with her Ghali. The coach Morgan insists that “Anna is a jewel to be protected, handled with care, shaded from hot sun, which is too risky.  We can’t risk scorching one of the clearest resources for the future of Italian music.”
Anna has played at the Reset Festival, at the OGR in Turin; she won the Nuovo Imaie prize at the Milan CPM, with a tour round Italy. She opened concerts for Manuel Agnelli, Max Gazzè, and Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti, played in the final of the Premio Lunezia 2022, taking part in the first editions of the RAI program StraMorgan, with Morgan and Pino Strabioli.
Her projects include in particular “Canta fino a dieci”, (Count to 10), a group of five women songwriters) united in the effort to cut out a space for women in the musical scene.
In this year’s Stresa Festival Young, Anna Castiglia will perform in a trio, in the stimulating surroundings of the Bosco Sonoro.

stresa festival young

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Anna Castiglia, voice and guitar

Simone Matteuzzi, piano, keyboards and backing vocals

Massimo Marcer, trumpet, flugelhorn and backing vocals

Edoardo Bolamperti, drums and percussion


Thursday 25 July 2024
9.00 pm

Bosco Sonoro in Gignese

Via Nova – Gignese (VB)

In case of bad weather the concert is moved to the Stresa Festival Hall



€ 20



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