Krisma TV is a work celebrating the anomalous new wave imagined by Christina Moser and Maurizio Arcieri, with the aim of transporting their public in a voyage through electronics and videoart, and highlighting the rebellious and progressive artistic activity of the Krisma duo.  The project’s roots are local and take shape through the fusion of influences and creativity.  Starting with the Krisma, icons of Italian electronic experimentation, they produce an atmosphere in Stresa that attracts lovers of electronic music. 
This brings us to Bienoise, a laptop composer, teacher and researcher, also from the VCO region.  Accompanied by the voice of Olga Condry and with Fabio Brusadin operating the videos, they produce an overwhelming mix of electronics, voice and images, building up an encounter of past with present, where the region itself becomes a source of inspiration and innovation.
This evening the audience will have an opportunity to absorb the avantguard atmosphere of the Krisma, exploring their cultural and musical heritage.

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Bienoise, Laptop Composer

Olga Condry, voice


Friday 26 July 2024
9.00 pm

Bosco Sonoro in Gignese

Via Nova – Gignese (VB)

In case of bad weather the concert is moved to the Stresa Festival Hall



€ 20


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