The Catapulta: last stop on the Isola Bella. Have you got your ticket?

La Catapulta!
We’re back with La Catapulta!
The Festival’s elegant ‘casket’ blending music with nature will be set up on the Isola Bella for its second year. It will host three great concerts, some related to the transcription of major works, presented in chamber style, and one in particular signed by our Young group.

This highly original interpretation of Romeo, Juliet and… Petruška, is the product of the friendship among the musicians involved in the concert: the Trio Metamorphosi will be on stage with Andrea Oliva and Alessandro Carbonare, two of the first parts of the Orchestra dell’Accademia di Santa Cecilia, and Fabrice Pierre, one of today’s oustanding harpists. The program focuses on transcriptions written specifically for this combination of violin, cell and piano, with flute, clarinet and harp.

In one evening two of the best-known ballet suites of the 1900s will be performed. Arousing enthusiasm with its special, evocative mixtures of timbres, this transcription of Stravinsky’s Petruška by the Israeli violinst Yuval Shapiro was written for this group of instruments. This evening’s program pairs it with Fabrice Pierre’s marvellous version for six instruments of Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet.

Among the Albums, the Minus One project will be back again this year! The project involves selecting an amateur musician from outside the Quartet and alternating him/her while they are playing a quartet. Each piece will therefore include one musician who does not belong to Trio Metamorphosi, in place of the usual Quartet performer for that movement.

Definitely a concert not to be missed!

The last Stresa Festival Young concert takes us on a breathtaking trip through the great classics of Haydn and Beethoven, up to Bartok in the early 1990s. On the Catapult will be the Barbican Quartet, which owes its name to the Barbican Centre in London, where it celebrated its ‘foundation concert’ in 2015.

Among the Albums, the Minus one project will be back again this year featuring the Barbican Quartet and amateur musicians as protagonists.

We are waiting for you at the concert!

Schubert is on the program for the third and last evening on the Isola Bella, with players from the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, one of the world’s great groups of symphonic musicians. They formed a chamber music group to extend their shared, consolidated orchestral experience to music for smaller groups, opening up the whole range of music from Baroque to contemporary.
This brings us are back to the topic of great works presented in chamber form, like Romeo, Giulietta and… Petruška and Rigoletto.
A youthful Rossini’s Sonata II a 4 is followed by Schubert’s Octet, an outstanding small chamber symphony. 

More info about the concert here!

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