Sergey Malov, “the most versatile string player”

Virtuoso del violino delle nuove generazioni, Malov si muove attraverso tutte le possibilità della musica attuale. A Stresa è accompagnato dalla fortepianista Flóra Fábri.

The violinist Sergey Malov is considered as versatile as he is virtuoso: he plays violin, viola, baroque violin and cello da spalla – the instrument on which Johann Sebastian Bach himself probably played his Cello Suites.

His repertoire ranges from early Baroque music to Johann Sebastian Bach, from classical and romantic violin concertos to the world premieres of contemporary music. For his interpretations he deals intensively with questions of style and playing techniques of the respective epoch.
A finalist in the Concorso Paganini, Sergey Malov is a new-generation virtuoso of the violin, shifting easily through today’s music. He is a great improvisor and an outstanding communicator, and finds a place naturally in a repertoire between the violin and the cello. Schubert’s Sonata, the Arpeggione, is an example, composed for the ‘arpeggione’, a sort of guitar played with a bow.

The program is very varied, presenting new sonorities, but it revolves around Schubert. There are pieces for piano, violin, shoulder cello, and fortepiano. Contemporary music is represented in a tribute to Schubert, by Desyatnikov.
Malov plays a shoulder cello – this is actually a violoncello piccolo played by violinists. Like the violoncello piccolo in Bach’s Sonate e Partite, it belongs to the family of ‘hybrid’ instruments with five strings. It is tuned like a cello, but has one more string than the violin, so it can hold the bass parts and the high notes (of violins).

The concert on August 29 in Stresa is an unmissable opportunity to meet this extraordinary artist!
For the Album Sergey Malov will be happy to meet his public in a very original way – taking a bike ride the morning after the concert!

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