The perfect match of Lucienne e Félicien

The love story between the trumpet and the accordion

The Isola Madre has become a fixture in the archipelago of the Festival, and forms an enchanting natural theater for tonight’s splendid concert. In the refined garden overlooking the Loggia del Cashmere, the young Lucienne Renaudin Vary and Félicien Brut present music by Georges Bizet, Leonard Bernstein, Rafael Mendes, Astor Piazzolla or Richard Galliano in a full program telling the love story between the trumpet and the accordion

Lucienne Renaudin Vary is certainly unusual, a very young musician with an innate ability to play the trumpet, generally considered a man’s instrument. She started young, with a toy trumpet, but progressed gradually to all sorts of music: from jazz to rock to classic to traditional and folk music, all with the same facility and outstanding virtuosism!
Winner in the ‘Révélation’ category of the French Victoires de la Musique Classique in 2016 and named as one of Classic FM’s 30 Under 30 by Julian Lloyd Webber in 2021, 23 year-old Lucienne Renaudin Vary has released three acclaimed albums on Warner Classics winning the Opus Klassik award in the Young Artist category for her latest one in 2021.

Who would have imagined that in the space of a few years an accordionist would become one of the most prolific, inventive and recognized French classical musicians of his generation? Yet this is the story of Félicien Brut, who today travels the world to make his accordion heard, both as a soloist with major orchestras and as a central element of many chamber music ensembles.
In the last few years Félicien Brut has become the representative of the young accordion players in the new generation of French classical musicians. He proudly defends the multiple facets of his instrument and works to create a new repertoire for it. In 2007 he won in succession today’s three main international accordion competitions: Klingenthal in Germany, Castel Midardo in Italy and the Trophée in Russia, so he’ll be performing on the main international stages from now on!

Lucienne and Félicien chose to create a new programme untitled The Perfect Match.
Love, passionate, disappointed, crazy, filial, platonic, stealthy or impossible.
Love of ones, love of the other, self love, love forever…
It is an endless source of inspiration for artists, often the purpose and the continuous quest of human beings.
Lucienne and Félicien decided to talk about love! As they have been very regularly sharing the stage for years, they chose to create a new programme for 2023 untitled “The Perfect Match”. Because love is often a matching question.
Fabien Waksman, a young prodigious composer, definitely agrees. For this trumpet – accordion duo, he wrote a piece full of humour, virtuosity and tenderness: Perfect Match.  This piece divided into seven short movements is the leading piece of this new programme. Each movement is played in between outstanding pieces, arranged for the duo and inspired by… love, of course.
Fabien Waksman’s music is featured together with pieces by Georges Bizet, Leonard Bernstein, Rafael Mendes, Astor Piazzolla or Richard Galliano and the whole programme tells a love story for the trumpet and accordion but also the love stories of Lucienne Renaudin Vary and Félicien Brut!

Un concerto sicuramente da non perdere!

The Album featuring Lucienne and Félicien will offer some special effects: trumpet and accordion will ring in the dawn at the Sass dal Pizz, a spur of rock with an incredible panoramic sight on the Lake Maggiore basin, the “slim” bank and the Rocca di Angera.

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