‘Momento diVino’ e ‘Album’: a “toast with the author” and meet the artist!


Art in all its phases, from inspiration to expression, depends on one fundamental element: creativity cannot exist without a springboard. It often happens – and the biographies of the legendary names of all ages and disciplines amply confirm it – it’s wine that gives the spring! In music, some of the legendary masters made no secret of their fondness for Bacchus’s nectar: the list is long − from Beethoven to Schubert, Brahms to Mozart, to mention just a few documented examples.

This year Stresa Festival, after the encouraging reactions to last year’s experiment, has organized an informal convivial break – truly a  “Momento diVino” – at the end of some of the season’s events. However, we did not organise it just so you could meet up with your friends and discuss the concert. Our idea was to slot it into the program, before the concert, or in the interval, so our public could meet some less well-known winemakers, who will illustrate on stage a few brief but significant steps in the art of making wine. We can consider this a ‘cultural’ moment.  In line with the region’s traditions, we called on a handful of firms who use traditional methods – ‘at the limits of craftwork’ – in the vine-growing and wine-making areas of northern Piedmont. This makes this event at the Stresa Festival 2023 not just a casual ‘drink in the foyer’ but a real ‘raise your glass’ with the producer.
Diego Sorba


“The artist on stage takes us on a journey to their own world through the magic of music, but the same artist inhabits the world in which we all live, enjoys the same natural beauties, frequents the same places, and often shares the same passions.
The great artists step down from the stage of Stresa Festival to leave us with a new image, an album page, of music, art, and the surrounding nature.” – Mario Brunello
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