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a veritable goldmine of music!

As the festival’s Artistic Director & Outhere Music recording artist, cellist Mario Brunello is the perfect person to curate this special playlist introducing this year’s performers: Giovanni Antonini, Simon-Pierre Bestion, Teodoro Baù, Mario Brunello, Isabel Pfefferkorn, Kristian Bezuidenhout.
Discover a veritable goldmine of music!

2024 marks a new collaboration between the Stresa Festival and Outhere Music.

«As one of the world’s leading independent producers of classical and contemporary music, Outhere Music has gathered together various independent record labels that comprise the best of European music. Each of these individual gold mines already meticulously selects the best musicians, repertoire and performers.
Outhere Music and Stresa Festival share the same vision for a cultural project: some of the performers in this programme come from those record labels.
The Stresa Festival is happy to have Outhere Music at its side».
Mario Brunello

«I am delighted about our partnership with the prestigious Stresa Festival. Its director, Mario Brunello and myself share a very open-minded vision of diversity and eclecticism. I like to produce recordings of great artists with bold, innovative ideas, as well as promising talent, no matter whether they are resolutely contemporary, iconoclasts or delightfully traditional. I’m very grateful to the festival for showcasing this diversity to the public and for having the courage to program beautiful experiences that go beyond the traditional canons of “classical” music».
Charles Adriaenssen
President Outhere Music

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