Inside Mozart’s opera.

A philological move to rediscover this tradition of ‘reduction’ of operas.

Voce all’Opera directed by Gianmaria Aliverta is staging a chamber version of Mozart’s Le nozze di Figaro. This is a dramaturgic reduction for a string quartet and singers, following the formula used last year for il Rigoletto.
The much admired garden of Villa Bossi in Orta San Giulio and the fascinating island of San Giulio once again combine to produce the striking location that binds artistes and audiences. The public is fully immersed in the opera, and can enjoy the theater music in its true light.
Chamber music versions for a few instruments and singers were popular in Mozart’s time and was staged with the composers’ approval. Including the opera in this form in the Festival, with its usual focus on chamber and symphonic music, is a sort of philological move to rediscover this tradition of ‘reduction’ of operas without losing any of their theatrical and musical value.

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