Stresa-Isola Madre: from the phenomenal Lucienne to the virtuoso Malov

For two concerts, quite different but both exciting, we take the ferry from Stresa to the Isola Madre!

The Isola Madre has become a fixture in the archipelago of the Festival, and forms an enchanting natural theater for this splendid concert on 27 August.
In the refined garden overlooking the Loggia del Cashmere, the young Lucienne Renaudin Vary and Félicien Brut present music by Georges Bizet, Leonard Bernstein, Rafael Mendes, Astor Piazzolla or Richard Galliano in a full program telling the love story between the trumpet and the accordion.

Lucienne Renaudin Vary is certainly unusual, a very young musician with an innate ability to play the trumpet, generally considered a man’s instrument. She started young, with a toy trumpet, but progressed gradually to all sorts of music: from jazz to rock to classic to traditional and folk music, all with the same facility and outstanding virtuosism!

Definitely a concert not to be missed!

A finalist in the Concorso Paganini, Sergey Malov is a new-generation virtuoso of the violin, shifting easily through today’s music. He is a great improvisor and an outstanding communicator, and finds a place naturally in a repertoire between the violin and the cello.
Schubert’s Sonata, the “Arpeggione”, is an example, composed for the arpeggione, a sort of guitar played with a bow.

Tonight’s program is very varied, presenting new sonorities, but it revolves around Schubert. There are pieces for piano, violin, shoulder cello, and fortepiano with Flóra Fábri.
Contemporary music is represented in a tribute to Schubert, by Desyatnikov.

Malov plays a shoulder cello – this is actually a violoncello piccolo played by violinists. Like the violoncello piccolo in Bach’s Sonate e Partite, it belongs to the family of ‘hybrid’ instruments with five strings. It is tuned like a cello, but has one more string than the violin, so it can hold the bass parts and the high notes (of violins).

An unmissable opportunity to attend the concert of this extraordinary artist!

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