Ezio Bosso: a comet that has passed over the panorama of music.

«Ezio was like a comet passing up on high, over the whole musical panorama».
Mario Brunello, Maria Semeraro, and the Compagnia Virgilio Sieni pay tribute to the musical world of Ezio Bosso, a friend who was too young when he left us, and a musician who grasped the secret of composers like Bach, Cage, Messiaen and Pärt.

A comet has passed over the panorama of music, high up above classical music, jazz, or popular styles. It’s not easy to define Ezio Bosso, but you can’t remain indifferent about this artist’s contribution. His great intelligence, impressive communation, and his way of making music is nothing revolutionary itself and doesn’t turn things upside down, but reaches into the hearts and souls of a vast audience.

This evening we pay tribute to Bosso and how he made music, but mainly it’s a question of finding the response and awareness of the importance of his music. To quote an admirer: «I have found this music so important because it is rooted in well-defined composers. First there is Bach – to whom we all look up; then comes that current of minimalist composers, meditative and mystic like Pärt, Messiaen and Cage. Ezio has grasped these composers’ musical message: he has not written new music, but has sensed their souls and secrets. This is why Bosso’s music sometimes seems to have a secret magic».

In this case dance has the quid – what it takes – that represents Bosso’s music, where seven notes are not enough and it calls for body movements, gestures, and song. Virgilio Sieni, with his dance company, is the choreographer who is best able to express Bosso’s music through dance as he has considerable experience with body gestures responding to Bach’s music.

This concert’s programme closely mirrors a recording made by Brunello and Bosso in 2014, that was never published and remained hidden all this time – and is still tucked away as the secret of Ezio Bosso’s music.
«I hope this project will reveal the true value of this music, and finally the recording will take off», says Mario Brunello.

This will be an exciting evening of music and dance, recollections and suggestions, and secrets magically revealed.

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